Happy Pineapple

hap·py pine·ap·ple | /ˈhapē pīˌnapǝl/


  1. : people who refuse to allow a label to define them—period.

2. : people who refuse to allow their struggles to rule over their existence, consuming the   best parts of their being.

3. : people who choose to have hope and refuse to live anything but their best life.  

4. : people who stand tall and believe in themselves, breaking free of stereotypes and stigmas.

As a society, we tend to become what we label ourselves—all that negativity adding up and weighing us down. Labels can be any circumstance that robs our lives of happiness and fulfillment. Maybe it’s from a season of life that has categorized us in such a way that we can no longer see who we truly are. Often these labels quickly spread to every aspect of our lives, taking over our joy, reaching a point where finding a way out of the darkness seems impossible. We may grieve them. We may accept them. But we are so much more than a diagnosis or situation.

Being a Happy Pineapple means to liberate from the labels we are given and continue to live life to its fullest. It means to stop allowing others to define your happiness. Your happiness belongs to you, and only you.